Special Operational Approvals

The following operations and use of equipment require a specific approval from the DCA of Aruba and must be applied for:

  1. Designated Airspace: [Refer to AMC-036]
    1. RVSM
    2. MNPS/RVSM
    3. RNP, including:
      1. RNP≤0.3 Authorization
      2. RNP≤0.3 Approach
      3. RNP-4
      4. RNP-10
    4. RNAV
      1. RNAV-1/PR-NAV
      2. RNAV-2
      3. RNAV-5/BR-NAV
    5. GPS approach

  2. All Weather Operations (AWO): [Refer to AMC-035]
    1. CAT I (below standard)
    2. CAT II
    3. CAT III a and b

  3. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) [Refer to AMC-033]

  4. Heads Up-Display (HUD) and Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) [Refer to AMC-034]

  5. Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) [Refer to AMC-037]

Registration of Aircraft Applications