Services | Safety Oversight

The Registry of Aruba expands its services by also assisting clients with Safety Oversight. Our team of reputable aviation consultants from various fields provides this unique service, offering to support to a multitude of operators aiding them in meet their regulatory obligations.

All of our consultants are former National Aviation Administration inspectors and surveyors with extensive industry knowledge, delivering both regulatory and technical services in compliance with ICAO SARP’s, EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, Brazil and other global civil aviation authorities.

Moreover, our consultants are subject to a selection process in order to meet the required criteria, in-line with the highest industry standards. Our in-house senior principal inspector ensures that they meet the technical and professional requirements for the position, by carefully interviewing the selected consultants. If accepted, as a follow up measure, our review management board further evaluates them and finalizes their approval. Consultants are additionally continually provided with recurrent training sessions to maintain their competency and stay up to date with industry trends and policy changes

IASO-Consultants Capabilities:

  • Inspection services
  • Accident investigation
  • Aerodromes and air traffic services inspections
  • Maintenance, engineering and technical regulatory compliance
  • Safety human factors, and safety management systems
  • MRO/OEM Audit and Inspections
  • Flight Operations inspections and audits
  • Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) certification
  • Regulatory compliance, safety oversight and state safety planning
  • Aviation legislation development and implementation
  • On the job training and mentoring
  • Aircraft registration and certification
  • Crew member and mechanic license validation
  • General aviation consulting and auditing
  • Expert witness advice and testimony