Minimum Equipment List

The minimum equipment list (MEL) provides for the safe operation of an aircraft, under specific conditions with particular inoperative equipment.

The operator prepares MEL by taking reference of the MMEL keeping in mind the type of aircraft. Every operator under the Aruban registry must submit a MEL to the DCA of Aruba for approval.

The Minimum Equipment List shall contain at least the following:

  1. Applicable aircraft (type/model, registration, serial number)
  2. Name and address of the holder
  3. Identification (number) of the MEL
  4. Date of issue, list of effective pages, record of revisions
  5. Statement signed by the holder to the effect that the specified aircraft will be operated to the MEL and that the MEL will be reviewed and updated
  6. Deferral procedures
  7. Despatch deviation operation and maintenance procedures

For further guidance operators can consult AMC-024 for guidelines on how
to produce a MEL, based on Aruba’s requirements.

For request of extensions of deferred MEL items fill out and submit Form INS-4.071. Operators that already
have their own standardized form are welcome to keep using these.

Registration of Aircraft Applications