Flight Crew License Validations

All crew members flying Aruban registered aircraft operating outside Aruba shall either have an Aruban license or an Aruban issued validation based on their foreign flight crew license/pilot certificate.

In case of the latter the foreign license/certificate has to be issued by an ICAO Contracting State of the Chicago convention acceptable to the DCA of Aruba.

To receive a validation, the crew member must apply for it by filling out form INS-3.009.

The Registry of Aruba will issue the validation within the following 24 hours, considering that all documentation required is satisfactory when received.

All flight crew validations will be valid for up to 2 (two) years, however the validity shall not extend beyond the expiration date of the foreign license.

The Aruban validation will allow existing privileges to be applied while flying a P4 registered aircraft. 

Payment for validations can be settled fast & efficiently via Pay-Pal on our website.

Flight Crew License Validation Documentation