We are sad to see you go, but rest assure that you will receive the same level of service when departing as you do when arriving.

When leaving our registry the following must be sent to the DCA:

  • A completed form INS-4.069 to request de-registration
  • The original Certificate of Airworthiness, Certificate of Registration, Radio Station Licence, Airspace Approval Certificate and Noise Certificate (to be sent by courier)
  • Work order or logbook entry recording that the Aruban registration marks have been removed from the aircraft
  • Work order or logbook entry recording that the 24 bit mode S code has been removed from the transponder, ELT or SATCOM as applicable

Upon de-registration the DCA will send confirmation hereof to the State to which the aircraft is being exported.

The DCA will not de-register an aircraft from its Civil Aviation Registry without the consent of the mortgagee or lien holder & legal confirmation in writing that the security interest has been satisfied.

De-registration of Aircraft Application