Compliance & Due Diligence Disclaimer

The Registry of Aruba and its affiliated companies (the “Registry”) are commented to compliance with the applicable export control regulations established by the various regulatory bodies and nations in which it and its clients operate. This commitment extends to promoting strict compliance by its clients and potential clients on an continuous basis with all applicable export control laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, those of the United States, European Union members, and United Nation members.

Accordingly, the Registry has enhanced their compliance and due diligence policy (the “Export Control Policy”) (i) to ensure more efficient and accurate screening and compliance with international export control regimes, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist activities, sanctions and block countries list, entities or individuals, and any other high-risk activities, and (ii) to prevent entities from circumventing the export control compliance through misrepresentations and fraud. Specifically, the Registry will actively identify, report and seek to prevent the circumvention of any imposed restrictions on any goods and services to sanctioned or high-risk jurisdictions by its clients or prospective clients. The Registry will report any violation(s) to the associated law enforcement agencies, and the Registry will handle all potential violations swiftly in accordance with applicable law and the Registry’s Export Control Policy.