Aircraft Registration

The Registry of Aruba is available to private, corporate, & commercial aircraft owners & operators with a minimum maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 5,700 kgs.

Aircraft registered in Aruba are given flexibility when choosing their registration marks. Aruba’s P4 (PAPA 4), nationality mark is followed by three letters; enabling the owner or operator to customize their aircraft registration marks and create attractive, suggestive, and vanity tail combinations, such as P4-FLY. The three-letter combination can be personalized, out of sequence at no cost, and transferred onto a different aircraft.

Finalized aircraft registration in Aruba typically takes 24–48 hours after the airworthiness inspection is complete and as long as all the necessary documentation is satisfactory upon receipt.

In order to further facilitate the registration process, Aruba founded the true certified copy process, giving owners the flexibility to fly their aircraft immediately upon completion of the airworthiness inspection; once registration is complete, the aircraft is authorized to fly with a certified true copy of the original certificates valid for a maximum of fifteen (15) days from the date of issue. 

Commercial aircraft can be registered & operated in Aruba, under an Aruban AOC according to AUA-OPS 1 standards with its principal place of business in Aruba or utilizing an ICAO 83bis agreement if the aircraft operates under a foreign AOC. The operating base for the aircraft does not need to be in Aruba.

Additionally stored, parked, or between-lease aircraft for private, corporate, or commercial use under an approved storage program can be registered in Aruba until they are ready to return to service.

Aircraft registered in Aruba regardless of their MTOW shall be exempt from taxation or import duties, provided that the aircraft is neither operating nor based in Aruba.

Aruba’s official document, Guidelines for Foreign Based Aircrafts, provides general information regarding the acceptable method of applying for aircraft registration in Aruba.

Registration of Aircraft Applications

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