Benefits & Advantages

The Registry of Aruba is a boutique-service-oriented aircraft registry which, we are confident, will fit the needs of individuals & legal entities looking to register their aircraft in a premier & politically stable jurisdiction with high safety standards. We offer tailor-made solutions & the expertise to manage all aircraft registration related challenges with cost-effective solutions.

  • US FAA Category 1 rated country, with internationally recognized standards, preserving aircraft resale values and ease of re-exporting

  • Type Certificate (TC) & associated Data Sheets (TCDS) issued by FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, & Brazil are acceptable & do not require additional aircraft modifications to revert it to the certification standard of the State of Design

  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) issued by any of the above National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) is accepted by Aruba without any further validation

  • EASA Part 145 approved MROs/AMOs worldwide do not require an on-site audit

  • FAA Part 145, Transport Canada Part V CAR 573, & Brazil RBHA 145 approved MROs/AMOs & accepted by EASA under a BASA-Aviation Safety Bilateral agreement with the EU do not require an on-site audit

  • Owners & operators of private registered aircraft have the option to have the CoA renewal accomplished by either a DCA Inspector, Designated Inspectors, or an approved DCA CAMO

  • Designated airworthiness inspectors located throughout the world minimizing aircraft down time & expenses

  • The first offshore registry signatory to ICAO Cape Town Convention

  • Aircraft imported from EASA Member States do not require an Export CoA, provided that it has both, a valid CoA & an airworthiness review certificate (ARC)

  • EASA Part M Subpart G (CAMO) are automatically accepted to provide airworthiness management services to P4 registered aircraft

  • 60 days grace credit for renewal of certificates before its expiration with no loss of remaining validity

  • Aircraft under a fractional ownership scheme can be registered & operated in Aruba for private, corporate, & commercial use

  • Registration of an aircraft by electing domicile without the need of creating an Aruban company

  • Owners or operators can transfer their current registration mark from one aircraft to another to retain their registration mark of choice

  • With the certified true copy process one can fly their aircraft immediately without unnecessary delays

  • Indefinite period of validity for Radio Station License & Airspace Approval

  • Favorable tax jurisdiction – 0% VAT, 0% corporate tax, 0% income tax, & more

  • Private & Corporate registered aircraft operate under Aruba’s AUA OPS 2 (General Aviation)